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DUI: Should you Talk to the Police

The reason for this is that without a professional attorney present you could actually do more damage to your case by incriminating yourself further. Only an attorney can fully protect you from the police, the prosecuting attorney and yourself.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cooperate with the authorities. Even though you’re unwilling to discuss details of an arrest this does not mean that you should be belligerent, difficult or in any way uncooperative. In fact, poor behavior while in custody could complicate matters and lead to other charges such as resisting arrest or failure to cooperate with authorities.

You should note that the police are unable to offer deals in return for your cooperation. Many people get tripped up on this issue thinking that if they spill the beans the cops will go easy on them in court. This isn’t true. In fact, the only person that can offer you leniency is the prosecuting attorney so again, you should never speak to the police without representation.

Oftentimes if arrested for driving under the influence the police will put you into a holding tank until you meet bail in which case you’ll be released pending a court appearance at a later date. If this occurs, you should seek out and hire an experienced DUI attorney to appear with you and on your behalf in court. They’re hired to get you the best deal possible and work toward leniency with the court.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence it’s safe to assume that everyone is working against you. The police are looking for arrests and the prosecutor is looking for convictions. The only person on your side is your representing attorney. Hiring one immediately before you say a word to the police is the only guaranteed way to protect your rights as a citizen.
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